MS Office 2010 Training Videos
Training Video
Office 2003 and 2010 Comparison
Excel 2010 Conversion
Outlook 2010 Conversion
Word 2010 Conversion
Getting Started with Office 2010
Make the switch to Outlook 2010                     
OPF - Training Videos
Training Video
OPF - Add Envelope
OPF - Add Family
OPF - Changing PAP
OPF - Changing The Address
OPF - Creating Bank File
OPF - Creating Personal Letters Using Mail Merge
OPF - Deleting a Family
OPF - Ending PAP
OPF - Keeping Your Data Up to Date
OPF - PAP Full
OPF - Pastor's Signature
OPF - Preparing For Tax Receipts
OPF - Printing a Duplicate Tax Receipt
OPF - Printing Sacrament Certificates
OPF - Printing Tax Receipt
OPF - Profession of Faith
OPF - Renewing Preauthorized Payments
OPF - Reorganizing Envelopes
OPF - Tax Receipts
OPF - Terminating Envelopes
OPF - Updating
OPF - Updating OPF - DioNet
OPF - Voiding a Tax Receipt

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