Striving to serve our Parishes and Offices
to enable them to effectively use information technology
in the mission of the Church.

Hardware/Software Purchasing
Network Support
Computer Help Desk
Diocesan Internet Service
Parish/Ministry Web Site Hosting
Diocesan Network Management
Unified Communications
Preventative Maintenance
Computer Organizer Binder

Consulting: We will review your technology needs and help you to choose the right technology, hardware & software to effectively use information technology to further your mission.

Hardware/Software Purchasing: At the request of parishes and offices we will purchase computer systems from our suppliers and if required we will setup the new systems. We also purchase hardware such as printers, scanners, etc. We purchase computer software at a very low cost through charitable licensing. You can be assured that all purchases through the Dioceses are compatible with your existing systems and will receive full support from Information Systems Services. We take full ownership of any problems.

Network Installation & Support: We provide technical support to enable computers to be setup on an office network. We do not provide cabling service but we work with third party consultants to provide this service to our parishes and offices.

Computer Help Desk: In an effort to streamline our support and to provide more effective service, we have established a Computer Help Desk for any computer related problems or questions. The Help Desk will provide immediate trouble shooting of your problem and in the event that on-site support is required, the Help Desk will assign a service person to solve the problem.

Diocesan Internet Service (DIONET): Information Systems Services of the Diocese of London has implemented an Internet and Email service to provide our parishes, offices, priests, and staff with affordable and secure Internet service. Priests’ email addresses will never change no matter what parish they are assigned to. You can access your email from any computer on the Internet through our Diocesan web site. All email is scanned for viruses before they are stored on our server and we have anti-spam software to block unwanted junk mail. Both dial-up and high-speed Internet can be purchased through the Diocese.

Parish/Ministry Web Site Hosting: We provide unlimited web space to host parish, ministry and Diocesan offices web pages. We will also host your own domain name. To ensure the availability of websites at all times we will host your website on two different servers in two different locations.

Training: Training: We provide and co-ordinate classroom training at our training labs in London at St. Peter’s Seminary and in Windsor at John XXIII Centre, as well as on-line training through web conferencing. Courses are provided in applications such as Our Parish Family, Microsoft Excel, FrontPage, Publisher, Powerpoint, etc. Personalized on-site training is also available on request. Members can view our current training schedule on our website where they can request a course or register for an already scheduled course.

Diocesan Network Management: Direct support and network management is provided on a daily basis to the Chancery Office, Human Resources, the Marriage Tribunal Office and St. Stephen Centre.

Unified Communications: To allow real savings on communications, we provide technical support to enable parishes to be setup on a Voice over IP telephone system (VoIP). We can also provide voicemail and fax via email for standard telephone setups.

Preventative Maintenance: Computers are important tools in the functioning of any office environment. When computers break down, fixing or replacing them can take valuable time. Often minor computer problems will suddenly become major problems, causing loss of valuable data and time. If you are having computer problems and have been ignoring them, act now and call for Preventative Computer Maintenance. Parishes in our Diocese of London can have preventative maintenance done on their computers at no cost. Please visit our Members Only website to download a Preventative Maintenance Service Request form.

Computer Organizer Binder: The Parish Computer Organizer provides a common method among parishes of the Diocese of London to record and store information about computer hardware and software.  This is valuable information that is required in order to properly maintain and support your computer systems.  Parishes of the Diocese of London can Contact Us to receive a free Parish Computer Organizer Binder.

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