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Our Parish Family is a comprehensive parish information management system designed and developed by Information Systems Services of the Roman Catholic Diocese of London, Ontario. It was designed to meet the growing demands for pastoral and financial information in our parishes.

The system comes with over 20 fully integrated modules such as Family and Members Management, Volunteer Management, Sacramental Information, Committees, Ministries, Organizations, Schools, Social Groups, Visitations, Events & Celebrations, Contributions and Pledges, etc, etc. The fully integrated modules provide data accuracy while eliminating duplication and redundancy. In addition, the system is integrated with other application tools to provide total connectivity between various tools.

Since this tool has become a real asset in our diocese, we have decided to share this tool with other dioceses. After all, we all belong to one universal Church. As result Our Parish Family is being used in the Diocese of Hamilton, Diocese of Alexander Cornwall, Diocese of Winnipeg and the Diocese of Youngstown, Ohio. Currently there are almost 200 users of Our Parish Family.

This is a very comprehensive tool that will help in all aspects of your parish information needs and it is designed to evolve as your information needs evolve. We are continually upgrading this tool to meet the growing needs of our parishes and to keep it current with technological changes. As a result, Version 8 of Our Parish Family will soon be released to existing users who wish to upgrade. Please visit our web site at What’s New in Version 8 for more information.

Support for Our Parish Family is available through our Computer Help Desk. Our Computer Help Desk can be reached by telephone and through our web site. Classroom training is provided and on-site training is provided upon request.

Our Parish Family computer software uses Microsoft Access as its database engine. Currently we support Our Parish Family with MS Access 97, MS Access 2002, and MS Access 2003. You must have MS Access installed on your computer to run Our Parish Family.

To order Our Parish Family on-line click here. An invoice will be mailed to you once the software has been shipped to you.

For more information on Our Parish Family please call our Computer Help Desk.

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