Role Description for Outreach Ministries
Name of Group / Ministry
Purpose of MinistryClick on those that apply
To act as a liason with the parish and those being ministered to
To provide the elderly with a sense of community and belonging
To provide support to those who are unable to attend mass
To provide assistance to those in financial need
To provide support to individuals who are expeienceing grief through the loss of a loved one
Participant GroupClick on those that apply
Individuals who are homebound
Families or individuals in financial need
The bereaved in the community
Individuals who are in hospital
Activities and ResponsibilitiesClick on those that apply
Recruit and support volunteers for programs
Ensure that all Called, Gifted and Sent procedures are being followed
Participate in parish meetings as required
Organize planning meetings for programs
Assist the pastor or pastoral coordinator in the planning of training for the volunteers involved in the ministry
Be available to communicate with families and caregivers
Be available for training with the parish or diocese
Identify individuals in the community in need of the ministry
Keep records of those served
Visit the elderly in the community
Distribute communion to those unable to attend mass
Visit the homes of those in need
Collect donations from parish and community, and deposit or deliver to the parish office
Visit with the bereaved
Assist bereaved in planning the funeral liturgies
Skills and QualificationsClick on those that apply
Baptized, practising Catholic
Active member of the parish community
Likes working with the elderly
Comfortable with spirituality and faith
Organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills
Strong leadership with ability to deligate
Imagination, creativity, and prayerfulness
Knowledge and understanding of the liturgy
Has an understanding of the elderly and relevant issues
Has an understanding of funeral liturgies and guidelines for funerals
Time Commitment
Orientation and Training
Position Level
Screening Procedure